Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Its been hectic.

It has been very hectic lately.... I was eating very well and even wrote down and was counting calories for a week... and then I guess I let the non-routine aspect sink in and it just got shoved to the side.

I spent a lot of time organizing and planning for my birthday (September third in Vegas) and studying for finals, and taking care of my pregnant kitty cat who has 4 kittens on the 6th of september.

BUT I did actually go to the gym, with my boyfriend, he actually made the appointment after he saw my eating habits take a dive... So we did go to the gym right before vegas, and we just got settled back at home and now I am taking care of kittens, but we went and have been discussing the options since.

I think health has become a very big topic lately, as my boyfriend whom is 27 now thinks he is losing his hair... I feel stress and bad diet are the common denominators for him to be losing his hair, but I am not completely to sure....

So, friday we have decided to meet with or schedule a time to meet with the woman that gave us the tour, and discuss enrollment, as we do want to suceed, and it is increasingly apparent that I find I stay strong and motivated for the first couple weeks, then........ well.... I continue to restart.

So lets get the ball rolling... again.... I say.

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